Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesdays Tute Questions

Q.Given the conventional wisdom that traditional media are still the dominant form for getting "news" out to the world, do you think the internet will effect the audience for those old media?

A. I thin
k the Internet has been a great tool in allowing news to be published by not only the old traditional media but also new types as well. However I do not thin that unofficial blogs and peoples personal homepages or anything of that ameture nature is goin to tae over the fact fact that we still get our news from the large news coprporations. Yes new media outlets do offer fresh opinions but they are not going to wipe out ther media giants of this world.

Check out the local IndyMedia website. What kind of news is there, and do you think a website like that has a place in your life?

A. A website like this with independant community based political news is a great way for people to get their voices heard on an international level without needing the approval of commercial new outlets. In my own life I could see it coming in handy If i was trying to find out information on an event which was clearly not covered by the mainstream media but apart from that it doesnt bemnefit me personally. But I can see how it is a great resource for people in developing countries or countries where the news is government run.

Do you think the internet is (was?) an effective tool for politicians to reach out to their intended audience?

A. I think it was a great marketing ploy by both parties in the recent federal election to use the internet to make certain anouncments and proposals. Particularly those aimed at the youth of Australia. I think it was a step that logically had to be made the youth of Australia are becoming the online generation. For the politicians to not embrace this new media would be a perfect example of the old fashioned establishment not keeping up with the times. In thining about it, it was a stepo that had to happen every single company aims to sell themsleves online so why wouldnt political parties do the same. Long over due I say.

What do you think about blogs as a way for people to get information out? What about their role as political commentary?

A. As i said in the question above I cannot see blogs taking over the way we get our news. Yes RSS feeds off other peoples blogs in homepages like pageflakes are a great way to read news but they have one major flaw. The news you are reading is still just spouted out of somones mouth without any backing. That is why the major news networks hold such a stronghold because they check their facts and backup everything they say that is the reason they are a news corporation. Blogs are a great tool for uploading and announcing personal information but when it xomes to the news I think people will stick with what they know. When its looked at in a commentary sense they are a good thing but in a reliable news sense then yes.

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