Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tuesdays Lecture

Unfortunately I missed this lecture due to unforseen circumstances but I am Quite a fan of Electronic Music so the ideas are not that unknown to me. Electronic music takes on many forms from the original theme music to computer games in the 80’s to the latest dance hits coming out of labels such as The Ministry of Sound. The question is all computer based music (ie in a digital format) electronic. I’m going to say no because the term electronic music for me anyway means music which has not been created using traditional vibration methods but through computer signals. Traditional analogue music or sound is created by vibrations either on a drum or in a guitar string these sounds are made by the movement of air in such a way that it makes an audible sound. Electronic music is completely different it is made solely by the computer there was no initial audible vibration. the fact that electronic music is in a digital format like that of acoustic music which has been digitised is not the same thing granted they are both in a digital format but one was electronically made the other was acoustically made. We as a generation are becoming more ensconced in the digital realm with more and more people listening to digital music which has been digitally compressed to limit the frequency ranges of the music we listen to. In that way we are loosing the quality of life that we hear but it is really only affecting that aspect of our lives most other things are still preferred in the analogue format such as books and the reluctance of people to read book on their IPODS or new reports granted news websites are popular people still buy the paper on a Sunday because its easier than going online.

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