Sunday, November 25, 2007

Web programs and Games

Todays lecture went AWOL again with the majority of the class having plenty to say about IM (instant messaging) and then when we got on to the topic of digital music its clear that its really hard to teach it in the normal sense of the word because everybody has their own opinions and experiences so its a great way to find out more about everyone in the class and who's illegally downloading music and to some extremes changing their IP address so they can watch content unavailable to Australian users. Of course P2P is a natural progression after digital music and sparked just as much discussion.

The next topic was the study of videos games, Not e this is not how they affect our lives that has been done to death but how they are as a piece of literature how they are structured and how they keep the player addicted it was really interesting to know that new game developers use dedicated developers who work on making the games addictive.

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