Thursday, November 22, 2007

Media Studies

I didn't attend this lecture on Wednesday but Ive had a go at deciphering the lecture notes and feel that the word media is commonly referred to as the channels in which the news gets to us however media is actually the message in those channels or mediums that is the media because without them there would be no message in either the newspaper or the radio. The contrast between media studies and new media studies is that traditional media studies looked at how humans reacted to different media outlets. New media studies also looks at how they react to new online media outlets based on their experiences with the old traditional forms of media. This study of the new media will one day become media studies because the public being tested will not regard these forms of new media as new any more they will just be media. Examples include the new generation who have never had to go to a library to look up information for a school project, thanks to Wikipedia. Another example is buying the daily paper to look up stocks or racing data these are all forms of media which are now commonly and readily available but for how long are they going to be new?

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