Thursday, November 22, 2007

Virtual Vs Reality

So now we are looking at the idea of humans entering a new virtual age where all of us use the web for our day to day lives but how far will it go? The term virtual reality was first penned in the early 1990's with the development of full three dimensional world that humans had created using computers and a other sensory devices. how ever this quickly died and now a new form of virtual reality is being created. A form of virtual reality where users are no longer worried about what happens in the real world but more about what happens to their online presence or character. Take World of Warcraft as an example some users are now spending more time playing this computer game than actually living life and it is having major side effects. Users of the game develop and control a character around a magical world of elves and orks, I have several friends who scarily will worry more about leveling up their Character than going out for drinks with friends or getting a real job. This is how I see Virtual reality. Its not our body feeling like its in another world its the removal of our mind from this real world on earth and becoming addicted to digital worlds. Other examples include Second life Myspace and Facebook. The movie we watched in class about the US government scanning all of the internet traffic traveling around Americas phone lines was interesting. it seems not that much of a conspiracy theory and could very well be true and then the topic of internet privacy came up and we didn't do much work after that. Last night I even headed home and watched the Matrix just to continue the look at what exactly Virtual Reality is.

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