Monday, November 19, 2007

And So It Begins

Ok so Im 21 been on computers since I can remember and this is my very first Blog (I dont even blog on Myspace). Just started this subject New Communication Technology as an elective in my Bachelor of Multimedia which I have 6 months to go before I graduate. In my time at Griffith University Ive focused more on the video and sound side of things taking an elective in Pop music and my other electives in Digital Video. I was attracted to this course because i hope it will help me understand how we are progressing as a culture in terms of our computer usage. Already in the last 2 or three years we have all seen the explosion of hand held devices changing our lives and I think it would be great to know why and how these devices are taking over. Our first lecture today saw a quick overview of the syllabus and then a few videos to get us into the mindset of new communication and how it is affecting our culture. I also think its going to be interesting looking at bloggers on the internet who Ive always seen as weird (who wants to tell the world what they had for breakfast, and more importantly who thinks the world wants to know what they had for breakfast) but as journalists and the idea that the reporters of the 20th century are a dying breed.

LoVe BoB


Time on My Hands said...

Hi Bob - cool blog. I haven't travelled as extensively as you. I have only been to Hong Kong and Japan. Check out my blog. Regards Sue

Lee Phillips said...

Hey Bob - hope you don't mind, but I am adding you to my blogger friends list. Found you on Ben's list. I have travelled extensively too, spending 5 years wandering the globe including Europe, Russia Scandi, Turkey, Some parts of Asia, a little of the Americas and 6 months in Africa. It gets in your blood! Enjoyed reading your postings and look forward to more. Cheers - you class mate, Lee