Thursday, November 29, 2007

The internet in 10 years

I would love to say that the intenet is going to integrate its way into every aspect of our lives but I feel that with the ever increasing digitalisation of our world we are very soon goin to see a rejection of everything that is digital. Im not only talking about those people you see when you take a day trip down to Byron Bay who sit around in hemp shirts and dont wear shoes. Im talking about normal everyday people who are sick of needing someone to fix every new electronic gadget in their house why do we need a $30 electric toothbrush when a nromal one costs $2.

I think people will always have a computer in their homes but their has to come a point where people do not want to be dependant on a machine for everything. They want to go to the store to pick the milk they want, they dont want the fridge to order the same milk every week we naturally as humans want to feel that we are in control and I really think that in 10 years we will still have the interet and yes you can order everything you nwant on the internet without ever leaving your chair. The fact of the matter is we are humans and humans need human interaction.

I think that devices such as the digital cmaera will still be around but as we get older in terms of our lives on the internt we wont be posting as much as we do know because we will know the hazards of putting all your personal information online for the world to see. We are still in the honeymoon period when it comes to personal homepages like Myspace and facebook we are going to hit a rough patch and that is when we are goint o see a big change in how we share pictures over the internt and how we talk about they things we do online. I think our generation whatever we are called I dont know are ruined when it comes to the internet we are the ones who have made it a wonderful place to share information when in actual fact its not and the secret to a good life should surely be less dependance on computers. I perosnally know I spend to much time on the internet just doing crap all, but we do. I think our kids will have a much better chance in getting the balance right.

Sounding a bit doom and gloom I know but I really think the internet is not the be all and end all of life its merely a tool to express whats happeing in the real world. I actually just finished watching existenz this morning and that movie with the bland real world and the colourful computer world is a perfect example of how some people are taking the digital age way too far. The thought that it was more important to pay the game than to live life and be in your own body is not a healthy way to life.

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