Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mondays lecture

Today’s lecture saw us look at The Free Software Foundation and how it was created by students at MIT University. That then led on to the development of Linux from a basic UNIX system. We then looked at how Windows and Linux differ in terms of not only aesthetics but how they scan your computer and report back to Microsoft or apple respectively. This got a few people in the class worried that their computers were talking to people without them knowing about it. We also touched on the ability of modern computers to what’s known as “Duel Boot” where one computer can run two operating systems. Next it was free content as opposed to free software. We checked out the site which I have used before for music content for a movie I made last semester. So I was aware of how creative commons could be used and how to use it. It is becoming an important area now that the web is being filled with much more UGC or User Generated Content. We then looked at how the EFF or Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking out for internet users in terms of Bandwidth monitoring and similar practices.

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