Sunday, November 25, 2007

Photo Diary

When I think about summer I think about last summer, when I went to every festival under the sun and had the best time with old friends and all the new ones i made along the way. (Many of which are never heard or seen from again). This photo was taken using an 8mp digital camera and then shrunk down to 640 x480 for use on the net.

The word Hi tech brings up images of my mate and his brand new DJ decks he spent $5000 on brand new state of the art equipment he had no idea how to use but now about 123 months later hes getting paid to DJ at different functions around the coast. But ill never forget the night he got all this equipment set up in his room and had no idea how to use it or what half the buttons even did. Its a perfect example of Hi tech gone too far. This photo was taken using a 10mp camera with no flash indoors and then shrunk to 640 x 480 for use on the net.

When trying to find photos of friends you can never find one with everyone you want but this is a great one. as its the four of us who all knew each other at school. Now 3 years on we still all get along great even though a few of us went overseas for a while and everybody changed were still the best of friends. This photo was taken with the same 10mp camera with a flash and then shrunk down to 640 x 480 for use on the web.

The word University reminds me of what I used to think University would be like full of all these new people i would meet and start making friends all over again. but quite the opposite happened by going to a school locally yes i did make some new friends but to this day my close friends are all people that went to my school everyday at the Uni bar or around campus ill run into people i went to school with and it feels great. So to some it up my time at Griffith hasn't felt any different to school which has been great. not sure what camera was used for this photo but it appears to be a professional photo which I found on the web at 2000 px wide

Ok so I stopped looking for an unconventional image when I stumbled across this one on Google not sure exactly what is supposed to be saying but i just thinks its hilarious . The blurb said it was from Korea so who knows whether its warning girls to look out for perverts or not. Not sure what the photo was taken with but it was found on the web at 400px wide.

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HANNAH said...

hi! i'm in ur new comm tech class too.. i dont know how i ended up in ur blog lol the unconventional photo is so funny~ i'm korean and i first saw that image a few years ago. back then unlike now, there were many male&female shared public toilets in korea and apparently it was used as a warning sign telling men that that wasn't allowed in a patrol station or something haha