Monday, November 19, 2007

My Internet

Ok so I havent jumped on the blog wagon before. Ive found myself in the last few years addicted to another vice which is commonly reffered to as myspace. Without fail every morning when i get out of bed is check my myspace and the last thing i do before i go to bed is check my myspace. When i first started using it i would be commenting and messeging people a lot more than i am now. These days i tend to just use it as a spot to upload photos I want to show friends in melbourne and overseas. I first started communicating with people over the internet when i moved overseas to the middle east in grade 9 I used the internet to stay in contact with friends by using ICQ instant messenger and Hotmail. Then we all made the change to MSN one day not really sure why it happened but it did. Upon finishing school and entering university there was a new thing on the scene and it was called myspace. I am somewhat addicted but the weird thing is I am an avid hater of facebook and I dont know why. On the front of my facebook page
(I finally joined due to the number of requests from friends in my email inbox)
I clearly say i dont use facebook and you should checkout my myspace.
I really started using myspace as it was a great way to listen to music at uni and to keep intouch with people who moved away after school I really dont have any friends on myspace that I havent already met in real life. I cant really see the point in talking to people I know when I have a heap of friends online that I do know. I know the internet is going to be a great tool when I move overseas in 6 or 8 months time but the only but my only worry is missing my cable connection at home and moving to slow broadband in the Middle East.

FYI probably moving to the middle East to get a Job in September.

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Spooge said...

Hoi Bob,

I was interested to read that you're looking at employment opportunities over in the Middle East, great to see! I've had friends that have spent some time over there and broadband access isn't a problem in the newer parts of the city. One friend in particular had a fibrelink connection direct to his living quarters.