Thursday, November 22, 2007

Online Field Trip

Yesterdays online field trip was quite eye opening I had seen people play WOW where they were actually playing a game, but to see an online world where people were interacting like on MSN was quite bizarre. the whole online presence thing has never interested I must say. My use of MSN or anything else online is just to communicate with people i know in the real world and I use it as i would the phone or SMS. I have never seen the prospect of talking to people i don't know interesting but I can see how it would be entertaining for some. I could really only see myself using something like that if i was interacting with actual people i knew in the real world on there. The main differences between IM and something like this is the fact that you are able to engage with people a lot more than just typing on a keyboard as we saw in the second life video where couple could perfom cyber sex in a very graphic way instead of just typing on a keyboard. but apart from that the two are really just the same a way for people to interact with other people online and exchange ideas be it in a much more visual way but still just interacting.

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