Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursdays Lecture

Todays lecture we looked at the idea of CyberUtopia and how technology is our saving grace in this world. We looked at the 2 new comings of a media age.
Firstly the telephone where people could all of asuddent transmit what they thought to people all over the world (eventually)but only to one person at a time. Then the second age where the Internet allowed people to transmit information to millions of people in every country around the world. This allowed for a transparent world to be born. where information can be transmitted where ever a cable has been laid. However the further we march down the digital road the more dependant we are on it and were we to loose phonelines or worse electricity where would we be in our digital world then. This emergence of the digital world has to stop somewhere or we will find oursleves stranded when the inevitable does happen.

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