Sunday, December 2, 2007

Photoshop Blogg

Ok so here are my final Photoshop edited images. Some are stolen from the net and others are ones I have taken..
This first Photo is once again of me and some really good mates Ive used a stamp effect on us and I have put us ontop of the brisbane skyline at night both of these are my photos taken on a 10mp camera.

This photo is one taken of a friend of mine at a pool party late at night and I have superimposed him onto a beach landscape just to give it a much more summery feel. The caption which reads "DONT ASK" is in reference to how funny a night it was. The becah landscape was stolen from the net and the photo of geoff was taken on an old 3mp camera of mine.

This next photo is a represenation of HI TECH it may not be much now but in the 1960's these tanks were the very latest in technology. This photo was taken in Vietnam earlier in the year when I went to vietnam I have used a poster filter on the tank to make it stand out I have also added the word saigon which was what Ho chi min city was called during the war.
This photo was taken with a 10mp Camera.

This photo is of a news camera but from an angle no one usually looks at with a weird sky background this is trying to represent how the news is not always the full truth but its sometimes lies like how the sky isnt purple. To create this phot I changed the Hue of the whole picture

This Games photo is a fun little creation of mine showing several console types all connected I did this by stealing images online and superimposing them on to the image of the PSONE console game.

I really like this Success image its an photo I took at the Alley surf spot on the coast and I have written the words Success on the wave using the pattern of the rocks in the foreground. This photo was taken on a 8MP camera

The last photo is a representation of celebrity and how people who are chased by the paparazzi must see their lives. Its shows the paparazzi but they are very blurred and none of them stand out more than the other. This photo was stolen off the net and a Dark strokes filter was used.

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